• Doma Buys the Eggcheese Brand


    DOMA, a.s. Prešov now owns the rights and production facilities for the product variously known as Shmaky, Eggcheese and Šmakoun.

  • Eggcheese in ready-made salads


    DOMA, a.s. has released 4 low-calorie, high-protein salads which are made with Eggcheese to enjoy with little preparation or on-the-go.


Multiple Uses and Benefits

Eggcheese is a Healthy Complement to Many Diets

Healthy Lifestyle
Eggcheese can be an ideal part of a healthy diet because it is mainly egg white which is high in protein, and low in calories and unsaturated fat.

Weight Loss or Maintenance
Both natural and smoked Eggcheese contain only 52 kcal/100g and almost no fat or carbohydrates.

Support of Muscular Development
Eggcheese is made from clean egg white and generally converts into endogenous protein at a ratio of 1:1 after consumption.

Use in Special Health-Related Meal Plans
Eggcheese contains very little cholesterol, making it ideally suited to inclusion in special diets, such as for diabetes.

Protein Source for Vegetarians
Eggcheese is excellent source of protein as an alternative to meat or dairy products.

Ideal Addition to School Menus
Eggcheese is a healthy alternative to the high-calorie and high-fat foods often served at school. It’s nutritious and can be combined with many of the foods children like to help them develop and grow without contributing to unhealthy weight gain.

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