Doma Buys the Eggcheese Brand

DOMA, a.s. Prešov now owns the rights and production facilities for the product variously known as Shmaky, Eggcheese and Šmakoun.

Eggcheese is one of the healthiest source of proteins – a key source. Eggcheese, also known as Shmaky, is a revolutionary egg white product with a unique and flexible consistency that enables it to replace eggs, meat and cheese in prepared foods. It is a clean, natural product without additives and preservatives. It is suitable for salads, as a side dish, or as a snack on its own. Eggcheese has multiple uses in preparing cooked meals or cold foods. Incorporating Eggcheese in a meal enhances the nutritional value to keep the optimal composition of necessary nutrients while at the same time keeping the menu varied. It has outstanding nutritional value and low caloric value.

Common Uses
- Everyday meals and snacks
- As part of a low-cholesterol diet for a healthy heart
- Diabetes prevention or control
- Athletes for optimal performance
- Part of a healthy diet to sustain hard workers

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